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Insika Tours is a  privately owned company, head quartered in the town of Pretoria. Insika boasts the collective experience of its founders in travel and passion about the industry services that it promotes and offers.


Our objective is to develop strategic alliance with service provider nationally. Internationally and in the SADC Region


Our Mission is to specialize in adventure tourism and Travel. It is to provide consulting and custom travel arrangement and packages. Insika tours mission is to become the most foremost provider of adventure and travel enthusiasts as well as seasoned travelers and travel industry Professionals.


Insika Tours was founded by Jacqueline Masango. She boasts decades of experience  in the travel and tourism industry servicing local, international and general guest travelers in different arrangements and settings. Jacqueline, Jackie or as those close to her passionately know her as just ‘Jacs’, is passionate about hospitality and is fully engaged in all services that Insika Tours offers.

She is hands-on, dedicated and committed to her craft and pays much attention to detail in everything that she touches within her working space. Her clients testimonies about her services are revered as excellent and professional at all times. This is the reputation that she has built for herself and by association her company Insika Tours. This is indeed her secret weapon to customer retention and long term relationship building for her clientele. Her dedication and commitment to her work is fathomable. She always makes sure that her values are shared and transferred to her team and as a result their clients gets the best and professional service for their money’s worth.

Her business model is to develop strategic alliance with service providers nationally, internationally as well as within the SADC region. Building and sustaining her client base is another one of her major goals each and everyday as a Travel Consultant.

“Insika seeks to connect adventure travel newcomers and veterans with service-provider adventure-activities and accommodation properties that fits their desires, budgets and skills level… and that is just what we aim to do everyday”


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